5 sports stars who rock a great glasses game

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We’re not all blessed with 20/20 vision — but thankfully, advances in eye care and eyewear mean that it’s no barrier to reaching the top in any arena.

And one sphere with more than its fair share of iconic glasses wearers is sport — there are plenty of pro athletes who wear prescription glasses off the field or sports eyewear in the heat of competition.

If you still need convincing that eyewear can simultaneously look fab and be functional, here are five sports stars who rock a great glasses game.

1. Jerome Boateng

Footballer Jerome Boateng is the rock at the heart of Bayern Munich’s defence and a standout star in the German national team.

He favours square and round bold, black prescription glasses off the field, has now designed his own eyewear range and is an ambassador for rapper Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports agency — men who want to stay on-trend in the eyewear style stakes should certainly follow his lead.

2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar could claim to be the most famous sportsperson to wear glasses, as well as one of the best basketball players of all time.

He racked up six NBA MVP awards while inventing the skyhook shot as a star player for the Milwaukee Bucks and LA Lakers over a 20-year career, making his signature curved goggles world-famous in the process — go Kareem!

3. Kate French

GB pentathlete Kate French finished 5th in her Olympic debut in Rio 2016, won her first World Cup in Cairo the following year and her career curve continues to rise rapidly.

When she’s competing, you’ll often see her wearing high-tech sunglasses with an open-edged, polarized anti-glare lens, which are lightweight and don’t impede her peripheral vision.

4. Ed Moses

Two-time Olympic 400 metre hurdles champion Ed Moses won 107 consecutive finals between 1977 and 1987, going undefeated for nine years, nine months and nine days.

And he looked ice-cool in the process, thanks in part to his penchant for wearing signature shades that helped his laser-like focus. Ed’s long retired, but still wears natty niche eyewear — maintaining a lifelong dedication to looking great as well as excelling in his sport.

5. Mary Pierce

French tennis legend Mary Pierce won four Grand Slam titles in a stellar career before retiring in 2006 to become a top coach and commentator.

She often wore prescription glasses on court and continues to champion fierce frames to this day — proving that class never goes out of style when it comes to glam glasses.

Steal some eyewear tips from our five sports stars and your glasses style will always win gold.

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