Woman putting contact lenses in.

Getting comfy with contacts


Tempted to try contact lenses?

Or maybe you’ve tried them before and they didn’t fit properly or the whole insertion, removal and aftercare rigmarole felt like too much trouble?

At The Wright Eyewear Company, we stock a wide range of trial contacts to meet the needs of the majority of eyewear users, so now might be the time to take the plunge.

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Coloured Overlay sheets.

The Science of Overlays

At Wright Eyewear, we’re committed to combining style and substance.

So as well as ensuring we’re always well stocked with fierce frames from today’s hottest designers, our expert optometrists offer excellent eye care services that help you mitigate against the effects of various conditions and optimise your vision throughout life.

Coloured overlays are an outstanding example of our eye care expertise, and if you or a loved one suffer from dyslexia or visual stress, they’re worth a second look.

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