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5 eyewear trends for your autumn wardrobe

Girl with glasses in a yellow jumper.

Summer’s over, but what better way could there be to celebrate the new season than switching up your eyewear and adopting a stylish signature autumn look?

To help you get inspired, here are five fabulous seasonal eyewear trends for you to consider.

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Getting comfy with contacts

Woman putting contact lenses in.

Tempted to try contact lenses?


Or maybe you’ve tried them before and they didn’t fit properly or the whole insertion, removal and aftercare rigmarole felt like too much trouble?

At The Wright Eyewear Company, we stock a wide range of trial contacts to meet the needs of the majority of eyewear users, so now might be the time to take the plunge.

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All eyes on our sunny vibes

Ray ban sunglasses on a beach.

Summer’s in full swing now and we’ve barely had time to cool off since we last shared our practice news.
We’ve been busy as usual – so whether you’re basking by the pool in exotic climes or chilling out in your garden at home, pour yourself a Pimm’s and unwind with our catchup blog.

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