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Sunglasses on the sand

I Spy – Summer Shenanigans

Summer has arrived – and here at Wright Eyewear, it might just be our hottest season yet.

So head to the garden with an ice-cold drink, soak up some rays and get up to speed with our seasonal shenanigans.

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Set your sights on a spectacular spring

The sunny months have arrived – and here at Wright Eyewear, we intend to shine.

So grab yourself a refreshing drink, relax, and catch up with our latest spring shenanigans. Read more

Close up image of a man wearing ski goggles & helmet

5 sports stars who rock a great glasses game

We’re not all blessed with 20/20 vision — but thankfully, advances in eye care and eyewear mean that it’s no barrier to reaching the top in any arena.

And one sphere with more than its fair share of iconic glasses wearers is sport — there are plenty of pro athletes who wear prescription glasses off the field or sports eyewear in the heat of competition.

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