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Experience the revolutionary eyesight test with the Rodenstock DNEye® Scanner.

Unique in the world with more than 7,000 measurement points transferred into your individual lenses.

The only way to experience perfect vision.

At the Wright Eyewear Company we are delighted to have this newly developed instrument which measures the low and high order aberrations of the eye subject to individual pupil size. It provides a comprehensive individual assessment of your entire visual system, as well as the brightness-dependent changes of the pupils, allowing you to use 100% of your visual potential.

Simply, it allows us to produce spectacles for you to a level of accuracy previously unobtainable. This is particularly evident in varifocal or progressive lenses, but also with single vision and occupational lenses. We can now customize lenses, tailoring them perfectly to each visual point of your eye, thus producing spectacles of maximum visual comfort and compatibility.

Rodenstock are the first optical manufacturer to produce HIGH-PRECISION PROGRESSIVE LENSES MADE FROM A COMPLETE BIOMETRIC EYE MODEL. Rodenstock will determine the biometrics of the whole eye – far beyond industry standards by using the DNEye scanner. These data points are integrated directly into each of your new lenses, in a construction process that results in lenses that are accurate to the micrometre. This enables us to precisely hit the sharp vision centre for each of your eyes and provide you with the sharpest vision at all angles, no matter where you look

98% of the world’s progressive lenses don’t fit the person’s eyes because they don’t match the standard model

Every eye is different

A narrow mind-set has controlled the world of progressive lenses for far too long. A mind-set committed to limited eye measurements. Of one-sided focus attention. To too little understanding of the role of the brain. This narrow mind-set has focused on understanding the eye just from the limited perspective of a standardised eye model, and not from an understanding of individual eyes. This mindset has left 98% of people in the world who wear progressive lenses with glasses that don’t fit their eyes precisely. The shape and length of your eyes are as individual as you are, just as the location of the sharp vision centre varies from person to person. This means that to ensure sharp vision, you need to be able create lenses using precise data about each eye. However today, almost all progressive lenses are created using the same standard eye model.

We use our DNEye® Scanner and patented technologies to determine all the relevant biometric data we need about your eyes. We then use this data to create a unique biometric eye model for each of your eyes. From these models we are then able to calculate lenses that match each of your eyes to the micrometre. We call this our DNEye® PRO Technology – and Rodenstock is the only lens manufacturer able to directly transfer all these measurements into the production of your lenses. This means we create unique biometric eye models for both eyes and then digitally transfer that data to Rodenstock

DNEye® optimised lenses give you the following benefits:

High-contrast vision like never before.

Sharpest contrast.

Safe vision like never before.

Best night vision.

Natural vision like never before.

Largest fields of vision.

Colourful vision like never before.

Natural visual experiences.

With the high-precision 3D eye measurement of the DNEye® Scanner from Rodenstock, our optometrist can measure your eyes more precisely than ever before. As well as utilising the results in the consulting room, the measured biometric values can be integrated into your lenses. In doing so, you receive the most individual and perfect Rodenstock lenses and thus the sharpest vision of all time. These lenses are particularly suited to any patient who has trouble with glare in low light levels or dark evenings.

Available as single vision lenses and progressive lenses. Talk to the team for more details!


“I am really pleased with my DNEye lenses. They’ve helped me considerably especially when driving in the dark or in poor lighting and I’ve found the difference between my normal lenses and these lenses really noticeable. I wouldn’t want to go back to wearing my standard lenses anymore!”

Emma Carey-Hulbert

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