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Focus on: Porsche Design Eyewear

Porsche Design Eyewear
Porsche Design

Way back in 2002, we were approached by Rodenstock and asked to view their latest range; Porsche Design. We were skeptical, Porsche Design is a car, who would want to buy spectacles designed by a car manufacturer?

Being devoted Rodenstock members we agreed to take a look and that is when our beautiful relationship began with Porsche Design Eyewear.

It was clear from the outset that these frames were something else. Whilst we weren’t all that keen on the name of the brand, the branding was discreet, and it was clear to us that these frames were designed and made beautifully. We wanted them!

And so our relationship began and we soon became one of the country’s biggest stockists of Porsche Design eyewear.

Like we were in the beginning, most people were unsure of buying a pair of specs with a car branding on it but the quality, style and engineering in the frames speaks for itself and Porsche Design soon became one of our biggest selling brands. I used to love telling clients when they collected their glasses that they could now claim to own a Porsche!

Porsche design are typically designed for men but over the years we have had a lot of ladies also fall for this brand. The simplistic designs coupled with top quality materials were a match made in heaven. Porsche Design were also one of the first men’s ranges that we carried that featured colour. Not bold and outrageous like some of our later designers but more muted and subtle. One particular model springs to mind that had red sides. We just couldn’t get enough of them, everyone loved them.

PORSCHE DESIGN stands for the experience of technological and functional perfection. The brand values of passion, performance, purism, and precision express the claim of the PORSCHE DESIGN brand and its products.

Porsche Design has now become a lifestyle brand that is famous now not only for their eyewear and sunglasses but also watches, luggage and leather goods.

So where did the idea originate from?

In 1963, Prof Ferdinand Alexander Porsche designed the legendary Porsche 911. Over 10 years later, he created another legendary classic: the P’8478, the flagship model of the Iconics line.

Prof Ferdinand Alexander Porsche
Prof Ferdinand Alexander Porsche


The legendary Porsche Design titanium glasses with a unique interchangeable lens mechanism are among the most successful classics from the design brand. To prepare you for different light conditions, each P'8478 has a second set of lenses included for you to switch between.

The Porsche Design P´8478 Aviator sunglasses were originally launched in 1978, and known as “the exclusive” and have been spotted upon the faces of countless celebrities including David Beckham, Johnny Depp and the Kardashians.

These aviators are one of the most famous and recognizable sunglasses ever made and have been a symbol of outstanding design and prestige ever since.

Aviator Sunglasses
Aviators are popular with celebrities

Limited Editions

Last year we were delighted to have a very special frame delivered; The Iconic Contour. This iconic masterpiece took 3 years to design and make and was one of only 911 made in the world.

The idea behind it was to build a frame that looks as though it has been drawn by hand in a single stroke and the concept is characterised by an all-embracing wire that frames and holds the lens rims which are milled from solid titanium. It had a very striking technical and futuristic look which almost celebrates the contrast between solid titanium and filigree wire.

Porsche Design describe it as an expression of perfection in the manufacturing process. We featured in in our Newsletter and the enquires started flooding in and in the end a very lovely client purchased them for her son. My husband was a little disappointed as I think he had his eye on them!

We are excitedly awaiting this years limited edition piece, the 50Y Iconic 3D. The Laser Cut belongs to the gold category of Iconics and is therefore limited to 911 specimens. The spectacles, including an elegant case, are delivered in a specially designed box. Watch this space, we’ll be sure to let you know when they arrive!

Porsche Design 50Y Iconic 3D
Porsche Design 50Y Iconic 3D

Brand Ambassadors

Fast forward to the present day and they are still as popular than ever, maybe even more so now Porsche Design have a brand ambassador in the form of Patrick Dempsey. I’m always hopeful that when we get a new delivery of stock that Mr Dempsey himself would make the delivery! Hasn’t happened yet but a girl can dream!

So why choose Patrick Dempsey as a brand ambassador? Well apart from the fact that this man can pretty much wear anything and still look devilishly handsome, Patrick is passionate about his vision of always giving the maximum and achieving the best. Whether he is being a Hollywood actor, director, race car driver or athlete, his passion for being one step ahead makes him the ideal ambassador for the new Porsche Design Eyewear Collection.

Patrick Dempsey Porsche Design Ambassador
Patrick Dempsey Porsche Design Ambassador

The drive to continuously do better and being open to new challenges is what unites Mr Dempsey with Porsche Design. The new pieces from the latest collection are timeless icons that not only inspire Patrick Dempsey but everyone who shares the Porsche Design lifestyle.

To celebrate Porsche Designs 50th Birthday we are delighted to be able to give away a Porsche Driving experience at Silverstone! Simply purchase a Porsche Design frame or sunglasses during July and you will be entered into the draw. These tickets are exclusive to The Wright Eyewear Company so you really do have a great chance of winning.

Please give us a call to arrange a styling appointment today!

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