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How to wear a face mask with glasses - 3 Top Tips

There may be many of you currently trying to wear a mask with your spectacles whilst out doing your shopping and with the heightened risk of infection, it is especially important to keep your glasses clean and have your mask fitting properly.

Here are three useful tips:

1. Use the cloth and spray we have provided to clean the lenses and frame and then give the cloth a wash with hot soapy water

2. Place your mask on ensuring it is a good fit around the bridge of the nose. Surgical type masks have a metal clip inside that allows you to pinch it closely and then ensure the mask is pushed up behind the lenses which will help prevent the spectacle lenses from misting.

3. If it is more of a handmade type mask that doesn’t have the metal clip inside, try folding a tissue horizontally and placing it between your face and the top of the mask so it sits over the bridge of your nose. The moisture from your breath will be absorbed by the tissue instead of hitting the lenses. 

If you are running low on lens cleaning spray or need a replacement cloth, please give us a call and we’ll send one out to you with our compliments.

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