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Introducing Francis Klein, our new collection!

Kelly Wright, modelling Francis Klein Care

All of us at The Wright Eyewear Company are extremely excited about the arrival of our new Francis Klein frame collection twinkling away in the practice.

Whilst they won’t be for everyone, they are a fabulous addition to our collection of eyewear. Handmade in the heart of Paris, if you like jewels, pretty colours and something niche, then this is the collection for you. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a pair and went for model Care, the perfect accessory to a little black dress.

They really are statement pieces that add a touch of ‘charme’ aka glamour to any eyewear wardrobe.

So let’s dig deeper and find out more about this fun collection.

About the creators

Francis Klein is a family business created in 1970 by optician Francis Klein and his wife Michèle. Once they realised that glasses were true fashion accessories, they decided to stand out from the market by launching their own original designer collection.

These fun and high-end frames feature intricate details such as swarovski strass, lace and feathers to give something completely unique. The glasses are designed by them, and entirely created in their workshop in the heart of Paris, France.

Today, their two daughters Dixie and Betty continue to develop the business’s reputation in a Parisian showroom. If the brand is rejuvenated, its core values remain the same: craftsmanship, elegance and creativity.

French savoir-faire, high quality results

Several professionals are involved in the creation of Francis Klein’s glasses. The plain frames are handmade in their French factory and the decors are designed by their team and handcrafted by talented artists. Their skills include hand engraving, laser drawing, rhinestone, 3D element or haute couture jewellery placement. 100% handmade in France.

“Our decision to craft in France rather than mass-produce goes beyond the original result of our frames. Thanks to this choice, the team ensures that your frames are carefully designed with high quality materials and expertise that are the pride of our company.”

So if you want to add some sparkle to your eyewear then book an appointment with our stylists today to come and view the new Francis Klein collection.

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