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Make your Wedding Day extra 'Spectacular'! What frames to wear on your big day.

There have been lots of wedding talk in the practice recently with our stylist Victoria’s recent engagement and our concierge Alison getting ready to fly to Mexico for her daughters wedding in September. It got me thinking about brides and spectacles. Most brides try contact lenses for their big day and that is great but if you are known with glasses, shouldn’t you wear specs for your big day too?

Whilst understandably most will want all eyes on their dress, shouldn’t the same thought go into what you are wearing on your face?

Weddings are one of the most special days of your life and you can never want to compromise even on a single thing that day, right? Along with that, you have to be comfortable with your accessories to enjoy every single moment of the event.

If your special day is near and you are still wandering aimlessly around the internet looking for how to look gorgeous with glasses on your big day, then you have landed on the right page as I am going to show you the best styles to showcase your eyes for brides, grooms or anyone else attending your big occasion.

“On your wedding day, you should look like yourself at your most beautiful.” – Bobbi Brown

If you are a bride-to-be who doesn’t like the idea of contact lenses but can’t survive the day without your specs and you believe that glasses are part of your signature style, worry not! You are in the right place! Your wedding day is a very special opportunity to display your style and dress to be the best version of yourself.

There is no need to switch to contact lenses just because your friends advised you. If you have never worn them before they can take a bit of getting used to so you need to prepare with plenty of time. And not everyone is suitable for contact lenses so if they aren’t an option for you and you are known by your friends and family as a spectacle wearer, then your glasses are part of you. The right pair of stunning glasses is guaranteed to enhance your look on your big day.

Tips for Anyone Wearing Glasses to a Wedding.

Before we jump on to showing you the most fashionable bridal glasses, it is imperative to discuss some pros and cons of wearing glasses at a wedding.

Glasses might cause issues that may affect your wedding photoshoot and eye makeup look. So, ensure your glasses fit well and don’t slip down across your eyeline. Chat to your makeup artist beforehand so they know you will be wearing glasses. They can define your eye make up a little more to make your eyes stand out from behind the lenses.

When selecting your new glasses, your optician should advise you to have Anti Reflective coated lenses to ensure that very little light is reflected off the surface of the spectacle lens. Most coated spectacle lenses carry a slight coloured bloom as the reflection which is much softer than a bright bold white reflection. Lens company Tokai produce a completely reflection free coating which is ideal for wedding photos as no reflections come off the lenses. But bear in mind that a certain percentage of glare can be dealt with by photographers in editing so no need to panic, normal AR coated lenses will be fine.

Photochromic lenses, also known as reactolite or transitions lenses are a Big No for a wedding. Even on a cloudy day, the UV levels are normally high enough to change the colour of the lens, giving the appearance of sunglasses. I remember one client who came in to show me her wedding photos after she had got married. Her father was wearing photochromic lenses at the time and when they all moved outside for the photographs, the photographer insisted that he removed his “sunglasses”. When the photographs came back, nobody knew who her father was in the photos because they all knew him wearing glasses and he looked so different without them! I have never forgotten this and mention it often when dispensing photochromic lenses.

Perfect Styles for Brides With Glasses

So you may have heard the saying, say yes to the dress but now it’s time you should say yes to the specs! Here are some frame styles that I think may be perfect for brides and go well with their wedding attire which hopefully in years to come, won’t make you shudder and say “what was I thinking!”

lindbery now frame toirtoiseshell
Lindberg NOW frame - Tortoiseshell

Round Tortoiseshell Glasses

The beauty of tortoiseshell frames is that they are classic. They match anything and everything, and they very rarely date. Round shapes can be very flattering and as long as the tortoiseshell frames aren’t too chunky, they can really soften the face. I particularly love this Lindberg NOW frame. A rich tortoiseshell with stunningly beautiful gold sides, this is the perfect balance of classic and contemporary. We also love Tom Ford in the practice, a brand that does tortoiseshell really well, this is a definite collection for you to look at if you like this style.

francis klein eyewear cat eye
Francis Klein Eyewear - Cat Eye

The Classic Cat Eye

A Cat-eye look is, in my opinion, the perfect feminine look which is ideal for the most important wedding accessorie. It looks stylish and beautiful on every face and will enhance a bride’s natural cheekbone. The colour of the frame is an individual choice however, I would probably steer you away from a chunky black cat eye, pointing you more toward translucent greys or pale pinks depending on skin tones. With or without the addition of Swarovski crystals, cat eyes are the perfect complement to a wedding gown. I love this Francis Klein frame, hand embellished with crystals and a real vintage type style, I think it would make the perfect accessory to any kind of dress.

Lindberg Eyewear Thin Rimmed Frame
Lindberg Eyewear - Thin Rimmed Frame

Thin Rimmed Metal Frames

Not too in your face but not trying to hide either, finer metals have seen a huge comeback in the UK thanks to the European market. This style of frame is available in most shapes with hexagonal making a strong appearance in all 2022 collections. This style can be paired perfectly with an elegant bridal hairstyle and makeup and again is great if you don’t want your spectacles to be a prominent feature. There are many colour options available with metal but classic gold and rose golds are proving popular choices this season.

Francis Klein Eyewear Translucent Pink
Francis Klein Eyewear - Translucent Pink

Translucent Clear Frames

Sometimes colour doesn’t matter but style is important. When you don’t want to hide from wearing glasses but you also don’t want them to be the main feature of your overall look, translucent frames with light pinkish, greenish, and other pretty colours can really suit a bride. There are many shapes to choose from, say the big round, square or oval shape. All look great to wear on a memorable day of your life.

Timeless Rimless Design

Timeless and elegant, rimless styles have been around forever. Rimless tend not to date because they give the illusion of being spectacle free and the shapes of the lenses can be made to reflect the current fashion. Probably the most versatile of the styles mentioned, these specs are easy to customise with flattering shapes and you could have really elaborate sides or really fine, plain simple sides. Of all the styles, these are most likely to disappear in photographs and are very unlikely to distract. Our “go to” brand for Rimless are the Lindberg Spirit. These designs are totally discreet from the front have a bridge that is mounted from the back so there is no bar across the nose highlighting the lenses. You can have so many designs of sides in a multitude of colours, you can really make them bespoke! If you wanted a more jewellery like finish with stones and crystals, the Murano rimless have embellished sides which are simply beautiful.

So as with any wedding day accessory, your bridal frames are a chance to express your distinct personality and style. You'll be a perfect 10 whether you wish to wear your everyday frames or don a brand new pair that complements your big-day look. The most important thing is you feel you!


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