Stylish shades – shine with Rodenstock and Maui Jim

Sunglasses on a glass shelf

We’ve been soaking up #UKHeatwave2018 at The Wright Eyewear Company.

But it serves as a brilliant reminder that it’s crucial to combine technical excellence with superb styling when selecting sunglasses.

Niche brands Rodenstock and Maui Jim tick every box — blending optimal UV protection with beautiful design credentials.

Our shop’s full of exclusive eyewear, but there are several reasons why these fab frames might be first among equals.


With a pedigree in ophthalmic optics stretching back more than 140 years, Rodenstock sunglasses are masterpieces of German engineering innovation that look as superb as they feel.

When you sashay along the street with these shades, you’re satisfied by:

  • a production process that entails 118 hours of passion and attention to detail per pair.
  • styles that enhance every facial feature.
  • polarised, mirrored or intelligent self-tinting lenses with complete UV and glare-free protection.

If you’ve been searching for superb tech specs with continental flair, look no further than Rodenstock.

Maui Jim

Maui Jim is the fastest-growing premium polarised sunglasses brand on the planet — the Hawaiian designer of the revolutionary PolarisedPlus2 lens has been producing products designed to change the way you see the world since 1980.

There are 125 superb styles to choose from — and you’re spoiled by:

  • polarised 100% UVA and UVB protection
  • bespoke models for activities like driving, tennis and water sports.
  • Haute couture frames for men and women alike.

Maui Jim believes colour and light are the key to human experience — once you see the world through a pair of their shades, you’ll convert to the same philosophy.

These two terrific companies take pride of place in The Wright Eyewear Company’s carefully curated collection of luxe eyewear — we source worldwide to bring you the best brands.

Find out more about Maui Jim and Rodenstock by calling 0208 309 7933 today.