The Science of Overlays

Coloured Overlay sheets.

At Wright Eyewear, we’re committed to combining style and substance.

So as well as ensuring we’re always well stocked with fierce frames from today’s hottest designers, our expert optometrists offer excellent eye care services that help you mitigate against the effects of various conditions and optimise your vision throughout life.

Coloured overlays are an outstanding example of our eye care expertise, and if you or a loved one suffer from dyslexia or visual stress, they’re worth a second look.

What are overlays?

Overlays are coloured sheets of translucent or transparent plastic that can be placed over text on objects such as books, tablets and computers – to aid people (usually children) with reading difficulties caused by conditions such as Visual Stress.

Visual Stress

Visual Stress, also known as Meares-Irlen Syndrome, is a perceptual processing condition that can result in challenges when reading. It’s commonly associated with dyslexia, which is a learning disorder that causes problems with reading, writing and spelling.

However, people who are not dyslexic can also suffer from the symptoms of Visual Stress, which include tiredness after reading, eyestrain, blurring or movement of text, and letters changing in size.

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms when reading, you might benefit from using a coloured overlay.

How do overlays work?

The symptoms of Visual Stress are caused by hyperexcitability of the neurones in the visual cortex, which can affect the processing of visual information. However, some of the cells in this part of the brain are colour sensitive, so by placing a coloured overlay between the eye and a written text, the cells are calmed and the symptoms of Visual Stress are reduced.

Overlays work by changing the colour of a page of text, so that when you are reading black text on a white page, the white page will be a different colour, with the black text staying the same.

Everyone is different, so the colour of overlay you use is based upon your individual reaction to the colours rather than a specific eye condition or prescription. Therefore, our specialists can determine the specific hue and saturation that will work best for you.

How we can help

Here at Wright Eyewear, we provide a range of coloured overlays and tinted lenses so that everyone can enjoy a comfortable reading experience.

So if you or your children are presenting the symptoms of Visual Stress or dyslexia, it’s worth booking an overlay assessment to see if colour can help you – with the right help, there’s no reason these conditions can’t be overcome.

Think you might benefit from using overlays? Call us on 0208 309 7933

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