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2020 Vision - This years top 5 eyewear Trends!

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Happy New Year!

We’ve barely packed away our festive decorations and we’re still tucking into the remnants of selection boxes – but in terms of providing terrific eyewear, it’s business as usual.

In this first blog of 2020, we’re going a bit Mystic Meg and gazing into our crystal balls to conjure up predictions for this year’s top 5 eyewear trends.

So whether you want to tear up the rulebook with fierce new frames or make a subtle switch to your typical sunglasses selection, this blog empowers you with 2020 vision – enjoy!

1. Trapeze

You don’t need to be an aerial acrobat to raise the style bar with these chic frames – you’ll find fab trapeze styles from brands like Lafont in chic boutiques like The Wright Eyewear Company.

Resembling a postmodern blend of round and cat’s eye shapes, trapeze frames are characterised by elegance and a smattering of eccentricity – give them a whirl for a dynamically distinctive look

2. Aviators

The aviator style is a stone-cold classic and in its sunglasses form it’s regularly sported by celebs like Kaye Hudson, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

But they also look terrifically on-trend in clear lens versions like the blue block aviator opticals from Tom Ford – ideal for any style-conscious executive who wants to look great and protect their peepers from the glare emitted from digital devices like PCs and tablets.

3. Rimless

Because rimless frames are minimalist, they allow the wearer to experiment with stylised shapes that enhance, rather than overshadow, their best facial features.

Lindberg rimless frames are available in a range of sleek styles for men and women alike, and combine peerless craftsmanship with haute couture.

And if you don’t want to opt for completely clear frames, Lindberg’s groove colour options add a subtle flourish of your favourite shade around the frames and legs.

4. Tortoiseshell

Tortoiseshell is another trend that regularly enjoys a renaissance and it looks set to shine again throughout 2020.

If you’re yearning for a premium preppy look for this summer’s shades, rock up to the pool in St Tropez or Bali a pair of round or rectangle tortoiseshell Calvin Klein’s and you’ll blend in seamlessly with the beautiful people.

5. Retro-futuristic

If your signature style lies somewhere on the spectrum between Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Blade Runner, a pair of retro-futuristic frames are the very dab.

Our favourite for 2020 is the fabulous four-sided Chloe Curtis model – the perfect accompaniment to a fake fur coat, these glam glasses prove that it’s hip to be square. Chloe complements our frames collection, so pop in-store and we’ll help you choose the perfect pair.

We hope that these top five eyewear trends float your boat – but even if they don’t, please arrange an appointment to spend some time with one of our stylists because there are plenty more to peruse in store.

And finally, we hope this year is full of fun and fantastic eyewear – here’s to you!

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