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Introducing Nine Eyewear

Back in January 2020 I ventured to 100% Optical, Londons optical trade fair. There I fell for a Danish brand called nine eyewear. Whilst I was a good girl at the time, when the rep called to say she was in the country finally after Covid, I couldn’t resist showing the team.

What I loved about this range was its simplicity. There’s no frills or fancy just quality craftsmanship. Designed in Denmark but made in Japan, all frames are titanium based and no matter the shape or design, they weigh around 9 grams. They’re all classic shapes and styles, lightweight but not delicate or flimsy feeling. They’re the perfect balance between form and functionality with certain pieces available with or without nose pads. The team loved them and so our order of 50 pieces arrived in early March!

As a company, nine eyewear are motivated by creativity, they have a passion for purity and strive to create and develop the very best in optical design. They, like us, believe that eyewear is one of the most important accessories that we can utilise, they understand design and comfort always go hand-in-hand when designing their eyewear. For us, it’s always paramount to choose a company to work with that understand these principles and we’re really looking forward to working with nine.


Nine Eyewear - In Their Words

The Philosophy

"We wish to share our passion for the unpretentious. This basically means boiling things down to their essence and finding the right balance between form and functionality. Neither more nor less."

The History

"Designed in Denmark and handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in Japan. It is no exaggeration when we point out that all the collections from nine eyewear really are unique. Ever since the first steps were taken in 2010, nine eyewear has set out to create ultra-light titanium eyewear without superfluous details.

The weight of our frames, regardless of shape, color and material has always been just about 9 grams. Hence our name nine eyewear."


"Our vision is to continue spreading the passion for simplicity and functionality, while creating an international designer brand known for these keywords. We are motivated by creativity and the passion for purity to always create and develop the very best in optical design. We believe that eyewear is one of the most important accessories we can utilize. It is therefore our primary focus, that design and comfort always go hand-in-hand when developing new concepts."


"Our mission is to build an international brand, founded on our passion for state of the art production techniques, uncompromised quality and the joy of simplicity."


If you are interested in what real craftsmanship in eyewear looks like, we’d love to show you. Give us a ring on 020 8309 7951 or email

to arrange a styling consultation.

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